The Negative Effects Of Violence In Video Games

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Think about it. Does violence in violent video games or role-playing games increase violence and aggression in the real world? Undoubtedly, violent role-playing games nowadays are more intense than ever. These role-playing games with simulated violence are perilous for the kids. Surprisingly, In a simulated role-playing game called “Killer”, students play by shooting each other with water guns to win money. Author Guy Martin write “High-Jinks: Shoot-Out” and tells us about this vehement game. Games like Killer and other violent video games encourage violence. Not only do they encourage violence, but they can actually harm the individual playing and distract teens from more important things like school. Video games can be an opposing factor for many reasons.

According to the text “High-Jinks: Shoot-Out” by Guy Martin, the game Killer has a poor effect on the kids playing and encourages violence. In the text, Martin explains how Killer is a last-man-standing game with a pot of three hundred sixty dollars. Saying this, just the game itself is influencing teens to shoot each other for money. Carey Benedicts in the article “Shooting in the Dark” says “Playing the games can and does stir hostile urges and mildly aggressive behavior in the short term.” By saying this, she assures that the behavior of individuals can change over time after constantly playing video games with violence and they can become more aggressive. In the end of the article, Martin states, “The game’s

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