Controversy: The Influence Of Violence In Video Games

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Overestimating violence in video games Violence in video game does not influence violence in reality. Violence in video games, more specifically where the whole violent video game controversy came up, was a game called Death Race. This game had you running over gremlins but ended looking like “looked a lot like humans, since all that could be rendered was a blocky stick figure” (Luke Plunkett, Death Race, the World's First Scandalous Video Game, Kotaku). Death Race got a spot on 60 Minutes “looking at the psychological impacts” (Luke Plunkett, Death Race, the World's First Scandalous Video Game, Kotaku) of the game, was protested and was covered by National Enquirer and the NBC's Weekend Show and even “The National Safety Council said Death …show more content…

All Death Race and the other controversial games did was spark talk but not until June 2011 where the Supreme Court “tried to make the sale or rental of mature-rated video games to underage consumers an illegal offense punishable by fine” (Evan Narcisse, Supreme Court: ‘Video Games Qualify for First Amendment Protection’, Time). It is a form of art that is now protected by the constitution the same is music, film, and visual art. Not all violent games are hot steaming piles of gore, blood, and catastrophe. Games like the Metal Gear Solid series and Bioshock where you do indeed kill don’t get me wrong but you don’t play it for the violence. You get a game and think about “how am I going to murderously kill this guy” no. You buy these games like Metal Gear Solid and Bioshock for the story and gameplay more than anything. As a matter of fact in Metal Gear Solid you are optional in killing! Yes you heard me. NO KILLING. You can completely opt out in killing and still complete the game. Metal Gear is not the only one. You got another title like Splinter Cell; you can completely opt out in killing. You can go to this website and check the rating to see how mature the game is. Both Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell are just two of quite a few games where even though they have a mature rating, meaning they are violent, you can opt out in killing. The people who took this to

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