Essay on The Negative Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect

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Children are beaten until their bodies no longer heal, they are scalded with boiling water, they are starved and so dehydrated that their skin shrivels around their fragile bones, they are sexually assaulted and forced to perform all sorts of perverted acts, and they are locked in closets or tied to bed posts for days on end (Koster and Swisher).

In the year of 2012, more than four children a day were killed due to child abuse, and the number seems to be steadily rising (Child Abuse Statistics & Facts). Child abuse is a horrible crime that harms many of the children in today’s society. One problem with this crime is that it is a silent crime, one that most often happens in the privacy of a family’s home. It is
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This Act is what most state laws use to abide by as the basic definition of what child abuse is. Knowing what child abuse is can help people realize the psychological and social effects of the abuse.

Child abuse is broken up into four different types because child abuse, itself, “is a general term that covers a wide range of acts of commission and omission” (Gelles 14). These acts can be active or passive and they all in some way impair the health and development of the child. Physical abuse occurs when a child is hit, hurt, and scarred with marks not accidentally. Physical abuse is one that seems to happen more often than others. Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome happens to be a form of physical abuse. Munchausen happens when “a caretaker (most often the mother) seeks attention by making their child sick or appear to be sick” (Child Abuse 754). This is a form of physical abuse because the parent or caretaker intentionally hurts the child in order to gain attention to him or herself. However, “in many cases children are the victims of more than one type of abuse” (Child Abuse 753), and some abusers don’t stop at just physically abusing the child but also go as far as sexually abusing him/her. Any involvement or act of a sexual nature upon a child is sexual abuse. The performances of these

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