The Negative Essay : Dangers Of Online Dating

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Dangers of Online Dating
Around ten percent of dating profiles on websites are bogus. Therefore, that may seem like a small percentage, but if there is even that ten percent chance that someone's talking to a fake person, would one really want to do it? On average, just to use an online dating website, one has to spend up to $240 a year for memberships. Online dating is more expensive than finding someone in person. One has to keep in mind that some don't have to just pay for the membership, but also for the dates that they go on. There are some upsides to online dating: just between 2005 and 2012, more than a third of couples who began their relationships with online dating tied the knot. Statistics say that the mean happiness index levels of couples are higher than people who date offline (Lake). Although online dating has brought many people together, for long lasting relationships, there are many dangers of taking the route of meeting someone online.
While people are looking for their other half, some cases consist of a scammer looking for money or looking to hurt somebody. In just 2011, alone, there were around 5,6000 complaints of online dating scams reported to the FBI. Online dating scams involving the exchange of money or property, cost victims more than $50 million in 2011. Criminals like to target people for the money. Some fake profiles have been hard to catch because the accounts are made by criminals. The FBI does what it can to solve the problem, but people
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