The Negative Essay : The Use Of Caffeine

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All throughout the world on the daily, people are consuming caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate as a pastime and mostly within a social setting. These people gather in what is called a café, which has been a tradition since 1689 when the first coffeehouse was opened in Paris. However, they’re failing to realize that their body is being poisoned by a psychoactive drug. The main purpose of caffeine is to eliminate fatigue and enhance mental performance for those who need the extra boost in the morning. This has resulted in people consuming an amount higher than the daily recommended amount of caffeine because the FDA has failed to regulate it. According to a research done by the Scientist magazine, caffeine is the greatest drug consumed in the world today. Because of this substance, people are getting addicted, developing depression, along with anxiety, and eventually dying. Spend your time researching online, and take note of how young, healthy people are unexpectedly dying from overdosing on caffeine or from a heart attack. The problem with society is the misconception regarding caffeine as a drug, several ignore it and decide to do whatever they want. Because at the end of the day, it's ultimately their decision to do what they want with their body. That doesn’t mean the public can’t be informed on the subject of their own personal safety. Maybe they would be persuaded to cut down on their intake of caffeine, which would prevent this mess from happening in

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