The Negative Impacts Of Social Networking

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The negative impacts of social networking to the students Many students who study at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) use social networking sites. However, little is known how much, why, and how they use these sites. Facebook, Instagram, and twitter are the most popular sites on social media, and they publish a lot of pictures, videos, and news. Although they have a very negative effect on students because of the large amount of misguided information on these sites that students unknowingly consume; these sites prevent students from talking face to face and spending real time with each other, the students can lose good verbal communication skills, and these sites distract the students in the classroom and when they are studying
A lot of students believe everything that they see or read in social networking, so they can become misinformed and lead others to believe wrong information as well. When students believe false information that they see on social media, then they are not becoming more intelligent and are going against the reason that they enrolled in college. For that reason, there is a large number of news that is not correct and that spreads through social networking sites on a daily bases, and many students believe that. Then the students re-deploy these news again, and it is causing a lot of rumors trading. For example, one of my classmates in my university class replayed a message for all students who add him on twitter, and I’m one of them. The message…
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