Negative Effects Of Social Networking

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Student Answer: The use of social networking comes with mixed reviews because this tool can be used to both grow a company and potentially harm a company . Companies that utilize social networks can benefit form the influx of customers. Using social network platforms allow the customer to reach millions of customers. ` The viral nature of social networking encourages all the people who are connected to you to share what they like, plan to attend, or want to participate in` (Minerof, 2010). In the case of Facebook, you can see the pages, companies, campaigns, and events your friends like and plan to participate in . Seeing these actives on your time line most times lead you to also look at the company. These is a great marketing tool. `Social networking does have its pitfalls` (Minerof, 2010).Companies that allow their employees to access Facebook may be creating opportunities for unethical practice, especially when employees overly engage during work hours. Employees can sometimes over engage in infrequent status updates, game applications and viewing online images and videos. Blurring the lines between personal and business use (Minerof, 2010). Allowing employees to use social networks for work related activities causes distractions from social media that makes the negative impact of such media on productivity to outweigh the benefits (Minerof, 2010). The internet may be a distraction from work activities because the potential of abuse due to unlimited access to social
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