The Neoliberal Arts

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The article “The Neoliberal Arts: How College Sold its Soul to the Market” is a very persuasive piece, this piece talks about how college is no longer about teaching people how to think for themselves, and form their own ideas and creations. The article talks about how college is changing to go with the idea of neoliberalism. That college is only about setting you up for your career and not for life, that the people behind the college don’t want or need something new or changing. Even though we have big global, worldwide, problems like global warming, this neoliberalism is making people only look at small, individual, or local problems instead of these big problems. Another part was about how college is no longer obligated to teach there students how to live life independent and confidante, and to think for themselves but instead to just go and do there job and work at …show more content…

They want you to create new things, but its not for furthering civilization its more for gaining money and creating more consumers. The society that we live in is no longer one to advance an individual, society, or to expand thinking. The way society is set is to stand still. One way this society keeps you on this one path is by telling you the same thing all your life. In the article “The Neoliberal Arts” Denesiewicz talks about how he went and talked with some upper classmen and asked them what leadership meant: “…I had just visited an upper-level class, and that no one there had been able to give me a decent definition of ‘leadership,’ even though the college trumpeted the term at every opportunity.” Even though from for years from kindergarten to college the words we all hear is good leadership yet none of the upper-level classmen could defiantly define

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