The Neurology Of Free Will By Angie Bachman

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Responsibility is a huge task to do in life, especially when you become an adult. Life is not always about having someone holding your hand and guiding you to the right path. Mistakes are meant to happen in life to learn and gain experience from them. In the article, “The Neurology of Free Will,” Angie Bachmann had a difficult life as a mother. Bachmann did not receive any attention from her family, so she felt very lonely. She was dealing with having to pay for the rent, feeding her children, and having to take care of her parents, almost like a single mother, because her husband was never around. I believe these factors did contradict with Angie Bachmann having an addiction with poker, but it was definitely her responsibility in …show more content…

She really did not want to come out the casino without having a certain amount of money with her, but in reality she was losing more than she was winning.
The article, “Rat Park,” is about a study about being addicted to drugs. In the article they talk about Alexander’s hypothesis that drugs do not cause addiction, but it's based on the living conditions a person is living in. The experiment was taken on rats, where some live caged in and and another set lived in the rat park. The experiment in the article shows, “. . . successfully showed that rats will resist even the most irresistibility delivered drug if it interferes with the alternatively gratifying opportunities available to them” (Slater). In the cage the rats would take the water with the drug, while in the rat park, the rats had the option to drink plain water or water with the drug. The rats who had the option of which type of liquid they want, would choose the liquid without the drug. Having this experiment done gave Alexander a conclusion about addiction. It states, “Alexander’s research suggests that addictions are in fact quite subject to free will” (Slater). The people studied on rats on how they are the type of animal are kind of close to humans, well on how they body system works. Every human has the right to be free, but are the humans really deciding base what they think is right. Going back to Angie Bachmann, some might say that she was going to the casino for how she wanted to help

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