The New American Literature : The Period Of Romanticism Essay

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The New American Literature
The period of Romanticism, occurring between the years 1800 and 1860, left a significant impact on not only the literature of that time, but the literature of today as well. Prior to romantic writings, the world focused on society and logic. Romanticism allowed people to start valuing individualism and to appeal to emotional responses. This new way of thinking brought new literary styles, themes, and genres that were never explored before and are still found today. The literature of Romanticism allowed people to escape the harshness of reality and enter a different world.
The establishment of a new nation encouraged the people to alter their philosophical way of thinking. The European way of thinking was still relevant in America due to their recent ties to Great Britain. This way of thinking was known as the Enlightenment and it encouraged logic over emotion and self-governance. Wanting to become an independent, unique nation, they began to establish a new way of thinking, known as the romantic way of thinking. It is said that "[i]t was a revolt against established order, especially that which was established by the enlightenment," which shows the rebellious nature of people of this time and how badly they wanted to be different ("Romanticism"). Along with the Enlightenment, the American Revolution also helped influence the people of that time. The American Revolution, which occurred in the year 1776, marked America’s independence from their

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