The New Deal A Good Deal

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Was the New Deal a Good Deal?
Hunter Simmons

The New Deal, introduced to get America out of the Great Depression, was a good deal. It brought the US out of a massive hole of poverty by creating jobs and creating regulations to help the economy stabilize. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 can be blamed for the start of the Great Depression, after millions went into panic when their investments fell through. After Woodrow Wilson failed to help the working class in a worsening economy, Americans looked for new hope in Franklin D. Roosevelt, elected in 1933, to help them come out of this terrible depression. He responded by creating numerous administrations and programs over the course of 5 years. These programs were designed to create unskilled labor and support the poor to help stimulate the economy again. His plan succeeded up to the second world war, where economy started to boom when a higher work force was needed. The first step Roosevelt took to create economic stability was to create jobs. Administrations such as the Public Works Administration created millions of jobs for the unemployed, including building many bridges, hospitals, schools, and more (New Deal Public Works Administration projects). The Civilian Conservation Corps also created unskilled labor such as planting trees and building state parks, which in turn helped the environment and conserve resources. By lowering the unemployment rate, Roosevelt helped the US get back on their feet. Some say that

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