The New Deal 's Impact On American History

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“Federalism, Capitalism, Pragmatism”. The New Deal’s impact on our American economy.The great depression of 1933-1938 our president FDR as he was called, known as Teddy to others, instrumented a plan of action shortly after his election changing the course of history forever and leaving a lasting impression forever imprinted on the hearts of the American people.The era of the great depression. When the stock market crash it disabled ordinary everyday life for a majority of the working middle class. Thousands of families were forced into poverty, grief-stricken and unemployed business owners, flat broke turned to their government for assistance. Immediate plans of action had to occur thus changing the way we look at our constitution, and the supreme court forever. Definition of American Politics? Conflicts between one nation under god and elected states, and society itself. Turning my attention from the legacy of political action and our constitutional some key focal points that have led up to change and reform between the federal government and state lawmakers. A landmark in American History or was it? If you ask me there’re so many events that helped to form our original constructive foundations of liberty, A set of boundaries in question McCulloch vs. Maryland was the year 1819. The questioning of Congressional power expressed in a simple question of, do we run a functional government and if so just how far are our nation 's limits stretched In comparison to measures

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