The New Era: America in the 1920's

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America in the 1920’s was called the new era. It is called a new era because it became a turning point in American society, and marked a separation from the 19th century and the 20th century. We soon begin to develop our own social norms, music, and culture as we evolve into a modern nation. The 1920s was also a time of significant economic, political, and social change.
The new era economy reflected the industrialization that the country had just undergone. Although there was a recession from 1921-1922, after 1922 we enter a period of uninterrupted prosperity, and growth. As Americans incomes increase, and prices decrease, this allowed for more of a disposable income. Middle class families are now able to buy cosmetics, fridges, vacuums, and automobiles. Technology also greatly influenced the major economic growth that occurred. The automobile industry became the most important industry in the nation. It was very similar to a domino effect, once auto manufacturing increased and was successful, other industries such as, steel, rubber, glass, and oil companies also increased their production due to the purchases made by the auto manufacturers. Automobile manufacturing created jobs, and as the radius of cities was extended, the demand for more automobiles increased. Unfortunately, farming became a double-edged sword. In the 1920’s tractor usage quadrupled, but the problem was that the demand for agricultural goods was not increasing with increasing production. This created

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