The New Generation and Google Essay

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It has become a continuous habit in a civilized society, like ours, to rely on the internet whenever we encounter a simple question, problem or are simply curious about anything. The internet has helped us solve the problems we encounter when trying to find that kind of information. Now days everyone seems to resort to the internet pages just as Nicolas Carr wrote on his article titled “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” with this article Carr was able to demonstrate the reasons why and how the internet is making us stupider as a society without us even noticing it! Although I highly disagree with his reasoning, I couldn’t agree with him anymore to acknowledge the significant importance we have given the Web in our lives. I don’t think and…show more content…
The more they use the Web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing”. As you can see he is only considering a very small group of people, therefore this cannot be applied to the rest of humanity. Some of us would value the complexity of surfing the web, and would agree that having such easy access makes it easier, faster and more convenient to acquire the information we are looking for. It also facilitates comparing information, rather than in previous generations people would have to go to a library, sometimes more than one, sit hours and read encyclopedias and books to obtain the information they are looking for. Today using search engines like Google and the Web as a whole does not only save us time, but also money and an unnecessary hassle. In fact, people have feared the evolution and effect technology would bring to our society since the invention of computers. The same way people feared the evolution of the invention of other technological things such as automobiles. When automobiles where first invented everyone was afraid that people would get lazy and become ill. Although this does apply to some people, people that are lazy and ill will be just that whether they own an automobile or not. The automobile has made some people lazier but it has also made it easier, more convenient and less time
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