The New Imperial Movement

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With the new imperial movement came with a lot of inequality and destruction with the colonies. Droughts, famines, and diseases were at high in Asia, specially India and China, and could have been preventable. The British government and other imperial powers could have stepped in and helped prevent and or lessen the severity of in those areas, yet none of them received help. There was a surplus amounts of food available in those countries plus with the addition of railroads that could have easily help with fast transportation more effective and efficient to get food to these people, yet still nothing happened to help the ones in needs that were used to help fuel European economy, mainly Great Britain’s. As Davis says in his book, Late Victorian Holocausts: El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World, “We are not dealing, in other words, with ‘lands of famines’ becalmed in stagnant backwaters of world history, but with the fate of tropical humanity at the precise moment (1870-1914) when its labor and products were being dynamically conscripted into a London-centered world economy. Millions died in the golden age of Liberal Capitalism; indeed, many were murdered….”. With this there was a dramatic rise in European wealth and low economic wealth in the colonies, especially the ones with natural disaster like India. The political and economic decisions made by these imperial powers were resulted in these disasters. Those with economic and political power rule and decided

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