The New Orleans Jazz And Music

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I got the chance to attend the Jazzy Stars late concert at the Acme Lounge in the Arts and Entertainment district in Miami, Florida. The band that performed was called Lemon City Trio. Lemon City Trio has three bands members that go by the names Brian Robertson, Nick Tannura, and Aaron Glueckauf. The jazz concert consisted of two sets of ten songs that lasted for about two hours. Brian Robertson played the organ, Nick Tannura played guitar, and Aaron Glueckauf played drums. This was the first live concert of any genre that I got to attend.
The Lemon City Trio sound consists of funk, jazz, R&B, and hip-hop meshed together. I could connect to their music because their music included genre sounds that I listen to on an everyday basis. The …show more content…

The last cover was a song by Al Green called “I’m Still in Love With You”. The dynamics for this song was interesting to me. They alternated from crescendos and decrescendos throughout this song, which made the song a little bit more interesting. Everyone had a solo in this song. The organ player’s solo was the best one to me because he played so fast at times even though the tempo of this song was mostly slow. This was my least favorite song of the set because I felt as though this song had more minor keys than major keys.
The remaining songs in the concerts were original songs that the band wrote and songs that were coming out on their debut EP. The first original song played was the song “Same Old Thing”. This song had a polyphonic texture between the guitar and the piano and had a fast tempo. One of the motifs in this song was very catchy and was repeated a couple times. This song was short and had a steady rhythm. The dynamics of this song were good because the tones were not too soft or too loud. The melody had a bright and warm mood that matched the atmosphere of the club. All the instruments blended beautifully which resulted in a great harmony. I felt like the drumming on this song made the song complete.
The timbre in the song “Flying Free” was bright and had a smooth flow. I liked how the melody repeated a couple times in this song. The guitar solo in this

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