The New Testament Kingdom Is Both Present And Future Essay

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Torrance states, “The New Testament kingdom is both present and future” (Torrance & Walker, 2009, p. 404). Understanding that concept is not only perplexing, the idea of articulating it when in conversation with a nonbeliever, or a believer for that matter, is most challenging. The obvious place to begin then is to go straight to God’s Word. Of course, we look to the Gospels, and also the Epistles; Paul’s letter to the Romans in particular, overflows with the hope which undergirds Christian faith and living is the hope of the resurrection and the dead and the renewal of all creation” (Ware, 2009, p. 130). However, critical to the conversation is the fact that this hope is grounded in Old Testament Scripture and, as Ware continues, “ the prophetic expectation of the coming reign of Israel 's God” (2009, p. 130). It begins with the creation, and through the pure acts of God throughout the Old Testament narratives, the emphasis of hope lies in the future (Torrance, 2009). Nevertheless, as this essay will demonstrate, the New Testament emphasis is that of the present and the future, but not yet fully consummated. It will discuss the how the restoration of creation is both a physical existence and spiritual existence, and finally, how these will impact the present kingdom-works of Christians.
The words of Jesus in John 5:25 (NIV) highlight the tension that exists in this present and future concept, “a time is coming, and has now come.” Particularly in the Gospel of John,

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