The New World Of The American Revolution

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Before the years of the United States as we know it, before the Civil War or the American Revolution, back when explorer Christopher Columbus of Spain had taken his voyage over to North America, the “New World”, the British and Spanish, among others, had begun to lose faith in, and loyalty to, their rulers, the Spanish and British monarchs, known as the Crowns, due to the excessive taxation, the lack of religious freedom, and the shortage of wealth and minerals. It was then that they set out to the New World to colonize it, obtain the necessary goods, and live there with pride. The Spanish and British colonists relocated to the New World, North America, in search of improved living conditions, and in rebellion against their respective countries’ policies imposed by their monarchs. The colonizations had first taken place shortly after Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World in 1492, at which point the colonists had realized the sheer opportunity that lied before them. They did not flock to North America for all of the same reasons, however; in fact, many of their incentives differed considerably from those of the colonists of the other country, and many of them had undergone different experiences while residing in the New World. Specifically, both of them had encountered the native American population, along with settlements of the Spanish and French. Moreover, while colonizing different parts of North America, they had utilized the natives, and later Africans,

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