The New Year Is A Time For Reflection, Restoration And Renewal

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The New Year is a time for reflection, restoration and renewal. While many people will attempt to lose weight or to vow hit the gym come January. One the best things you can do this winter is to spend more time in the kitchen. Among other things, there 's practical housekeeping to do, such as re-organizing the kitchen, to embarking on fun food activities such as perfecting a new dish or mastering a cooking task. Or to determine what all those settings mean on the latest kitchen gadget that you 've been gifted.

Thanksgiving to New Years goes by in a rush of food and booze consumption.
But now that you’ve come your senses, it’s time to put the kitchen back in order. If your kitchen resembles mine, the first order of business is to conduct a kitchen audit. More likely than not gadgets disappear, the oven thrashed, and the kitchen cabinets look ransacked, do something about it. Make a checklist, de-clutter and get cracking.

Donate unwanted food items to a food bank.
Conduct an inventory of the cutlery and gadgets to determine what you need and then donate the rest to a charity.
Discard grungy kitchen towels.
Sharpen dull cutting knives.
Clean the oven and range from top to bottom.
Scrub the kitchen counters and wash the floor.
Replace worn or damaged cutting boards.
Reorganize kitchen shelves.

If cooking is new to you, hone your knife skills. Learning how to wield a knife reduces the likelihood of hand fatigue and accidents. Since injuries are likely occur due

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