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Now-a-days people read the newspaper on the internet, rather than on just reading an actual newspaper. On November 5, 1997, Minnehaha County may add a public defender office to help people who cannot afford a regular lawyer. (Olson 2D). That same day, the sheriff and police departments will divide $200,000 in grands for equipment. The equipment was were going to enhance the technology of the departments (Kibiger 2D). One of the bigger stories that day was First Premier Bank being accused of misusing trust money to develop a business that was worth millions (Swenson 1A). In state news, Mike Miller, of Mitchell, SD, puts Florida on the top of his list of colleges. He verbally committed in front of family, friends, and media to Florida …show more content…

Across the street in New Amsterdam, Disney’s The Lion King Musical opened (Polsson, Chronology of United States of America). The play has been performed over 7,255 as of April 12, 2015 (“The Lion King”). In international news, a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred in Southern Quebec (Polsson, Chronology or World History). People clim to have felt it over a 200 mile radius. Across the world we have telecom companies WorldCom and MCI Comminication account a $37 billion merger to form to MCI WorldCom (Polsson, Chronology or World History). Over in Ireland, Mary McAleese is elected the 8th President (Polsson, Chronology or World History). Mary McAleese was the president from 1997-2011 and she was the first president to come from Northern Ireland (“Mary McAleese”). When I was born, many major motion picture films were being developed. Flubber was one of the biggest hits in the month of November 1997. Flubber won BMI Film & TV Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Bogey Awards (Germany), and Kids’ Choice Awards (“Flubber Awards”). Another successful movie that came out in November 1997 was The Rainmaker. The Rainmaker won the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Award and National Board of Review (“The Rainmaker Awards”). One of my favorite childhood movies, Anastasia, made the top charts! Anastasia won a number of awards including: ASCAP Film and Television Music Award, Annie Award, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association, Casting

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