The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity Essay

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Christianity is becoming extinct. In order for it to continue on it must modernize its beliefs. The average Christian is white, middle class and is from Europe or America. The religion of Islam is expanding quickly and will soon dominate Christianity. These are all common claims made about Christianity that many people believe, yet Philip Jenkins claims and proves them untrue in his book, The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity.
According to his book, Christianity is moving out of the global north and into the global south. In fact, Christianity is growing rapidly in countries such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He also writes about how Africa and Brazil will, within the next fifty …show more content…

The Pentecostal sects also tend to be much more conservative in their morals, stress preaching and gospel more then ritual, and put great emphasis on salvation through faith, greatly differing again the major global- north religions. Being conservative, these countries also hold many different cultural views as well. In stark contrast to most of the newly liberal westernized world, the conservative views usually look harshly at issues such as the woman’s movement, sexual education, gambling, democratic views, homosexuality, and many other widely westernized practices So while the global north tries to modernize itself to attract and retain members, the global south, and the future majority of Christians, are moving toward more traditional and conservative practices. The future of Christianity will go through major changes as the conservative group becomes the majority, and the new liberal group becomes the minority.
It is true; the Muslim population is growing rapidly. It’s because of this that many people believe Islam will soon become the dominant religion of the world. The only thing is that while the Muslims are reproducing rapidly, so are the Christians of the global south. People just don’t realize it as much because of the spotlight that has been on the Middle East for the past decade. Islamic mosques are sprouting up all over the world, especially in areas

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