The Next Generation of Storytelling Essay

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Storytelling has been mankind’s most broad and universal occupation since its conception and has come a long way, developing new techniques and expanding in multiple domains. It can be considered an ancient form of art because it is crucial for human expression. Every culture has made a contribution to the narration of stories in various fields, such as, entertainment, literature, education, the media and so forth, with the purpose of conveying an important message, or purely to entertain. One entertainment medium which has been disregarded over the course of the years is the video games industry. Over the last few years, this industry has developed into one of the most complex branches in entertainment and has gained a great number of …show more content…

A famous game that followed a clear and simple pattern was Mario, where the player was given the task of searching for the princess in successively empty castles. Another example of an early game is Space Invaders, where the goal of the game was to destroy multiple rows of pixelated aliens. Because storytelling techniques were primitive in the early years, the player was not rewarded with cutscenes that drove the plot forward; instead he got points that were accumulated a total score. However, with the passing of time, technology and the gaming audience evolved and matured, creating new opportunities for the medium to expand its horizons and develop new storytelling techniques. Following the significant evolutions in technology, video games have adopted these advancements and continued to become more elaborate, especially with the use of motion capture, which allows technicians to capture and record the live performance of actors that are applied to the 3D models of the virtual character. This is only one element that makes the products of this medium so appealing and immersive for the player. These technological advancements have given to the developers of video games the opportunity to construct stories and characters which are more believable and complex, bringing about a narrative revolution. In recent years, video games have boasted captivating and thoughtful stories, allowing the

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