The Night - Original Writing

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The flames danced along the walls, consuming everything in their path. I could only scream in agony, helpless, as I was crushed by a burning remnant of my former home, watching in despair as my own parents were – The sharp sound of a phone ringing woke me from my nightmare, sparing me. Usually I wasn’t so lucky, though. This dream was a recurring one; the ending was always the same, yet every time, it still made me remember. My world had fallen apart on that night, and I remembered it like it was yesterday. Still gasping, I slowly sat up from my small bed, its once neat white sheets now messy from my tossing and turning, and looked down at my bare hands, illuminated by the soft yellow glow from my nightlights. Those red burn marks, though faded, have haunted me for years now. The persistent blaring drew my attention to the plain black cell phone sitting on my nightstand. Calming myself, I answered the call. “Um… H-Hello?” “This is Luna’s number, right? Remember me?” The unidentified caller asked casually. “Anyways, about that job we talked about earlier –” “I’m sorry, but I’m not… um… Who are you…?” I trailed off, uncertain of what to say next. Who is this person, and how did he get our number? “Oh, it’s you, huh.” The man seemed a bit put off. “Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned…” Warned? About what? Did something happen? “You’re her other personality, aren’t you? Don’t you remember yesterday’s conversation? Or did she not tell you anything? I mean, she is a –” “Oh, I

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