The Night - Original Writing

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Bright green leaves weaved around each other in the warm breeze. Angela and I wandered through a field of green grass. Our strides silent against the soft ground while the waist high strands of grass tickled our sides.

Behind us, Benjamin stumbled along. His awe filled eyes still fixated on Angela. The guard lurked behind him in a bundle, their eyes scanning the area. Ever since the Shape Shifter 's attack they had been alert. On edge even, a little snap of a branch would cause them to jump. One hissed as I placed my foot down on a loose strand of grass.

I snorted at their wariness. The danger had passed. The Shape Shifters didn 't even live in these areas of the woods.

They weren 't meant to live in that part of the woods either, …show more content…

Her tentative fingers grazed the long strands of grass, bending them backwards like a slingshot being stretched. She looked free and peaceful yet dangerous. I squeaked a small smirk.

Angela had been through a lot like I had.

Unable to resist I let the grin broaden on my face. It was nice to feel relaxed for once. Silently, the pain nibbled at the stitches that kept it in the gaping hole in my stomach. I suppressed it. No, not now, I hissed inwardly. This could not be happening.

It had been nearly a year since the guard from the fire stole Bella and the pain had never faded away. However, hope had built up too.

Angela was sure we were finally zoning in on the killer.

I hoped she was right.

A zap of electricity stabbed me in the stomach.

I hope she was....

A soft warm palm slipped into mine and I turned to find Angela staring fondly at our joint hands.

I squeezed her hand, causing her eyes shot to me a small smile on her face. "I hope you don 't mind. I just felt like I needed to..."

I shook my head at her, a smile on my lips.
Over the last year we had become increasingly closer to one another, much to Benjamin 's dismay. However, he had nothing to fear, I only considered her a sister. Although if anyone saw us now they would think we were something more. Angela glanced at me through her eyelashes with a dainty smile.
Leaning closer I whispered back, “It’s okay. I need it too.” Angela grinned before turning

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