The Night - Original Writing

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Everyday, it seemed I and June always sat by the lustered dark river, for hours staring at nothing but the clouds in the sky roll by and the sun setting at the horizon, disappearing behind the tall pointed mountains. It was always so beautiful, peaceful, and enlightning. My parents died. I was six years old. They died, because of me. We got in a reasonable argument about Clifford the Big Red Dog, of all things. I stormed out of the house at 8:00 pm. I remember how glistening the stars were that night, how the colors of purple and dark blue collided in the sky and how the moon was full and shined with what seemed like a never-ending light. I just kept running, laughing like the obnoxious six year I was. They ran after me calling …show more content…

After the accident, they both decided to homeschool me, due to my traumatizing behavior. They kept insisting for me to draw a picture, read, or play with other kids. They even suggested are neighbor June. I simply denied them and shaked my head back and forth, signifying my answer, no. I often spent most of my time in my purple speckled four walled room, glaring out my glistening glass window. Outside my grandparents house was a beautiful array of water, a river. Through my window, I could only catch a glimpse of the river, but it was something. I ran out of the house, my grandparents watching me. They smiled as I walked towards the river and both sat on the small narrow table and chair, sitting on our front porch. I sat on the musty dark dirt, laying by the river and watched the river’s ripples in sync with the wind. I watched leaves of the october season slowly float within the waters. Time seemed to stopped. The sound of footsteps emerged behind me, carefully crunching sticks and stones lying on the musty dark earth surface. A boy with pale pasty white skin, dirty blonde hair, and brown eyes sat beside me. He was wearing a long sleeved brown shirt and regular small tacky colored jeans, along with brown stitched shoes. It was June, my nextdoor neighbor. He sat next to me staying silent, staring at nothing but the river. I stared at him baffled by his motives. His head turned, facing me. I

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