The No Child Left Behind Act Essay

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Freedom from Learning: The No Child Left Behind Act
Schools provide a place in which students can explore not only facts and numbers but also their minds. Knowledge embodies more than just the material students learn, but also learning from life experiences that shape the way they learn and adapt both in and out of the classroom. Most successful adults do not find themselves needing to use the quadratic formula or quote Shakespeare on a daily basis, yet in the school systems today memorizing and reciting formulas and facts is the main measure of success since the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. Although the No Child Left Behind Act was intended to help all students learn, the flaws in this undertaking lead to opposite results, consequently leading to the lack of freedom in school systems for all parties.
The No Child Left Behind Act was created to equal learning opportunities for children that come from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them more opportunities and providing them more freedom to do what they wish of their lives. To do this, standards were placed nationwide for certain grade levels so even schools in low-income areas were able to provide the students with equal education. In order to test the results of this effort, standardize testing was ramped up and used to determine if children pass or failed the course. Moreover, if schools did not fulfill even one specific criterion, the school could be designated as failing. The annual yearly progress

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