The No-Fear Legacy Essay

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The No-Fear Legacy ~Nicole and Dawn~

It all started on August 23, 2005. It seemed like it was just going to be another average day. Nicole had stayed the night at Dawn’s and now they were both walking down to the bus stop for school. Nicole’s blonde hair blew in the wind while her pink earrings clanked like a wind chime. They stepped on to the bus and prepared for the long ride. Nicole and Dawn started noticing clouds moving in from the ocean. They were moving faster and faster. Every second they got darker. They both remembered watching the news report that morning. It said to expect heavy thunderstorms. They didn’t really think about it and were soon stepping off the bus. They walked into their school, Lincoln Bay High, and headed …show more content…

Nicole and Dawn knew they would need this.

~Kobe and LeBron~

About 900 miles away, Kobe and LeBron were facing the after effects of Hurricane Katrina. They waded through the deep water trying to find their homes. It was impossible. For all they knew, they were heading in the complete opposite direction. Kobe’s afro wasn’t much of an afro anymore. His blue eyes could have been mistaken for grey because he was so sad. Then something caught both of their eyes. Kobe’s sister had a bright pink truck and it was the only one in the neighborhood. They ran as fast as they could and discovered it was in fact Kobe’s sister’s truck. They ran in the general direction of the house. They found a way to get up to the second floor and prayed both of their families were their waiting. When they opened the door they saw nothing but a note that said they had to evacuate and had went inland.

Kobe and LeBron started their long journey inland. The silence was interrupted when they heard a boat. They started yelling and splashing so they could try to catch the driver’s attention. The driver sped over and picked them up. He was part of one of the rescue teams the Red Cross had deployed throughout Miami. He asked where their families were and they replied, “They went inland.” He said he could “drive” them to the command center so they could try to contact their families. On the way to the command

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