The, No Liberty Without It

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“Equality is the sole of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it”
When considering British society, there are a considerable number of factors that contribute to developing of prejudice and discrimination. To evaluate prejudice and discrimination it is important to understand their meanings. Shapiro and Neuberg (2007) stated that; “prejudice refers to negative attitudes towards others while discrimination refers to negative behaviours towards others.”

It could be stated that there are various biases involved in prejudice and discrimination and that these biases are culturally conditioned. This implies that preconceptions are developed or learned as children grow up while observing their local, societal environment. This is exemplified in economic competition theory and the authoritarian personality theory discussed in more depth later. As the socialization process progresses, between the ages of six and seven, stereotypes can be embedded in a child’s view of the world.

Stereotypes are preconceptions about a people or group based on biases and false impressions. This is important to consider because a child is not capable of morally examining the validity of perceptions yet; therefore each child absorbs and associates in an overly simple manner, leading to potential wide scale prejudices and discrimination that has been culturally conditioned. This conditioning can become overt as children have been taught as a result of stereotypes etc. that some people
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