The North And South Were Divided Into Two Sections Essay

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During the Antebellum period, the North and South were divided into two sections. The North opposed slavery while the South believed that it ultimately benefitted society, creating conflicting views on many different issues. The issues that were brought about during the antebellum period between the North and the South were centered around what type of societies slavery created. Although the North and South had some similarities during the antebellum period, the North and South were consistently more different in many aspects. The North and South differed significantly in how they viewed their regions culturally. The North was against slavery and believed the Southerners were inferior to them. For example, in “The Cultural Roots of Disunion,” Cobb signifies that the North represented American ways when he says, “Northern States were Synonymous with America- with the South standing as the antithesis” (The Cultural Roots of Disunion”). This is important because it shows superiority that the North felt towards the South and emphasized the North’s belief that to be Northern was to be American. The northerners felt that slaveholders had too much power and that slavery did not fit into the ideas of the republic. However, contrastingly, in the South, slaveholders believed that their slave culture ultimately benefitted the economy (Sectional Conflict 11/8). In “The Cultural Roots of Disunion,” Cobb contrastingly describes the Southern culture by describing it as, “the

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