The North Shore Elementary School Essay

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As I was exploring the North Shore Elementary School (NSE) it dawned to me how truly divers the campus is. At NSE there are different ethnicities including African American, Hispanic, white, American Indian, and Asian. With students having such a rich and diverse cultures it is necessary that there are teachers present to help foster collaboration and community. There are also students with varying socio-economic status. Students also differ in the languages they use at home and school.
The data I collected indicated that NSE contains students from different backgrounds, and the school does its best to make sure each student is treated fairly and given what they need to succeed. At NSE 88 students are African American (9.5%), 816 are Hispanic (82.6%),70 are White (7.5%), 4 are American Indian (0.4%) 2 are Asian (0.2%), and 5 have two or more races (0.5%). Since the diversity in the students is so broad, there is also a diversity in the faculty and staff. Teachers who come from different ethnicities can relate to their students ' cultural backgrounds. Another example in which NSE has proven that they are willing to support its students is with the school’s Backpack Buddy Program (BBP). Students with low socio-economic backgrounds are recommended for the BBP, which means that on Fridays students are given food for their family to use. The school also provides free or reduced lunch to those students who qualify. Because the school is made up of 802 students who are

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