The Notion of What It Means to Be British

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The notion of what it means to be British is constantly changing, and rapidly. What is means to be British citizen is drastically different than it was twenty years ago, and it will be different 20 years from now. There is no consistent definition of what is a constantly evolving system, it is extremely challenging to characterize the profile of a common Briton. This essay will examine what it means to be a Briton in three distinct time periods.; beginning with pre-World War Britain, then shooting to Post World War II, and finishing with what it means to be a British citizen today. In examining these specific times, a glimpse can be given into the whole of the meaningfulness of the nation. The Britain of the early twentieth century was an interesting and unique nation. This was a time of great transition for the British people. It was known as a long leisurely summer, dominated by the wealthier classes . Class systems of the ninetieth century still remained, and the country was moving closer and closer to war. There was an increased struggle between the old and the new. This was also a time of great social reform. The introduction of the very first welfare state was something new to the nation. The welfare state was created to assist the increasing poor population that was rampant in Britain. Additionally, the gaps between the wealthy and the working class were massive, which also indicated a need for social reform . Thus, a numerous amount of changes were

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