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The novel of interest The Yacoubian Building written by Alaa Al Aswany has been praised by scholars since the material highlights the taboo of homosexuality and offers insight about Egyptian society and its culture. The effects of gender roles of men and women of society present itself in the life and lifestyles of Hatim and Busayna who are two prominent characters in the text. Through reading the text, it becomes clear that normative understandings of gender confine both the male and female character in the novel, surfacing itself in the form of an opposite both of their beings. More specially, while Busayna must degrade herself to get ahead and gain employment in the societal world, Hatim is allowed freedom to chase and capitalize on his…show more content…
Then he would hide it away until Zaki dies, when Malak would produce the contract…This was when he started to think of Busayna el Sayed. Zaki el Dessouki was helpless before a woman and a clever one could sucker him into signing the contract with realizing. Malak offered Busayna five thousand pounds to get Zaki el Dessouki to sign given her two days to think about it” (159).
The key phrase in the quotation is “Zaki el Dessouki was helpless before a woman.” The term helpless refers to the inability to help oneself, in addition to being in the state of weakness or dependence. Therefore, Malak is suggesting that because he is aware that el Dessouski is unable to help himself and/or has a weakness for women Busayna is the ideal woman to incorporate in his plan since her specialty is enchanting men with her looks. This is significant because even though Busayna should be acknowledged by her peers for being “clever” she is oppressed by her gender role for women being seen as useful as an object to charm someone instead of her capabilities.
By the same token, it is worth mentioning that Hatim in the novel utilizes his wealth as a form of manipulating over men to motive them to feed into his demands. This character has always maintained a certain lifestyle through wealth by means of receiving his inheritance and obtaining a reasonable salary from his occupation as a journalist. Initially, coming

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