The Nuclear Of Nuclear Power

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Albert Tran
Nuclear power is energy that is produced as a result of a nuclear reaction, either one of two types, fission or fusion. The type that is used is fission because fusion is almost impossible to achieve due the conditions needed to have the reaction occur. One place where it is known that fusion can take place is the sun. When one thinks of nuclear power, they think radiation, however not all nuclear reactions emit radiation. The reason why all nuclear power is radioactive is due to the fact that radioactive elements, especially uranium, is used because of it is the easiest to produce a nuclear fission reaction because it is a large element and it is harder to split smaller elements such as oxygen or fluorine. Nuclear fission was discovered by a team of German researchers at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin on the eve of World War II.

In today’s day and age, nuclear power can be viewed as dangerous and unreliable, but it is the only source of baseload power of electricity. Baseload power is the amount of energy that is needed to meet year-round demands. Not only does nuclear power create a lot of energy to used, but it also does it reliably without emitting greenhouse gases, like fossil fuel factories. Because of this, nuclear energy has one of the lowest environmental impacts on land and natural resources of any electricity source (1). For example, by the year 2013, nuclear power plants have generated a total of 4,058,209,231 Megawatt-hours of energy, which…

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