The Obama Affordable Health Care Politics

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The Obama affordable health care politics has caused many fights among different groups who don’t seem to share and to agree on the politic behind the ACA. The purpose of this reading has mainly been to point out the reasons of the disagreement toward the ACA.
The first reading written by Daniel Landford and Jill Quadagno show how factors such as partisans politics, policies legacy, provider groups, political values, racial groups and state fiscal capacity have cause states variation movements toward Medicaid expansion under the ACA provisions. The big question here is how? According to the authors the division between democrats and Republicans has always made republicans to be less favorable to laws introduced by democrats. Reason why we shouldn’t expect them to act differently even millions of people life is at stake. Also heath providers groups are not necessarily favorable to this law and according to the authors are the ones who can positively impact on the program. But the truth is that is that the American Medicare Association has opposed many steps that the government has made toward national health insurance. Furthermore, racial resentment has been a majors factors in shaping people thoughts about policies. States with lower racial sympathy tend to be less favorable to the program whereas the ones with higher racial sympathy are mostly favorable to the program. The last major’s point of the authors is the state financial capacity. Introducing the new law inevitably
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