The Obesity And Nutritional Choices

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Obesity effects most of this country and most of this world, but how is it physiologically changing people as a whole? During this experiment, students sought to answer questions based on how obesity and nutritional choices may affect physiological features in rats. Students hypothesized that rats would experience a higher weight and an overall increase in fat storage in rats that were consuming the high fat diet. Students also hypothesized that exposure to glycogen and insulin would increase the blood glucose levels compared to the exposure of saline. When it came to gut motility, students hypothesized a slower gut motility with rats who were consuming the high fat diet. Students used weight to see the effects of diet because it is the …show more content…

With childhood obesity on the rise, there is also a rise for children to have a fatty liver. The symptoms can go undetected for years and in some cases once the child reaches adulthood, they can progress to cirrhosis and liver failure. In San Diego county, 9.6% of children between the age of two and nineteen reported a prevalence of fatty liver disease in this isolated study. When closing the spectrum to only children with disease, they found that 38% of obese children had fatty liver disease (Delvin et al., 2015). Students found that rats that were fed with a higher fat diet had higher blood glucose levels than the rats that consumed the lean diet. With the introduction of insulin, the blood glucose levels decreased for both diets after the initial injection. Both rats showed a stabilization after the initial decrease. When the rats were exposed to glucagon there was an increase in blood glucose levels initially and then there was a stabilization for both rats on the various diets. Kadota and colleagues researched the correlation of cardiovascular mortality and blood glucose levels. They found that glucose tolerance plays an important role in cardiovascular motility. The risk becomes higher when associated with obesity. When glucose tolerance is weakened along with an increase of fat in the diet there is a significant chance that people will develop cardiovascular disease (Kadota et al., 2007). Next, students found that there was an increase in

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