The Obesity Rate Of Obesity Essay

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The obesity rate in America keeps increasing, and there has yet to be a solution to the problem that is growing everyday. The increase in the rate of obesity has negative effects not only on individual’s health, but also on healthcare costs. Healthcare is focused on healing chronic diseases like obesity rather than trying to prevent these diseases from happening. Fitbits and other wearable physical activity trackers have the ability for people to keep track of exercise, which could decrease the obesity rate and change the focus of healthcare, lowering its costs. As technology has been continuing to expand everyday, wearable devices have become popular, especially Fitbits and other wearable physical activity trackers. Fitbits have several functions that allow users to keep track of their physical activity. Some of these features include, step counter, floors climbed, sleep tracker, reminders to move, heart rate monitor, and Calorie counter [1]. Fitbit also sends you email reminders and push notifications on your phone to remind you to try and reach your goals. It also allows the user to log their food so they can see if they are burning more calories than they are taking in or vice versa. Fitbit’s battery can last up to five days. This is convenient because the user does not have to charge it every night allowing them to track their quality of sleep. Fitbits motivate people to workout through setting and reaching goals that can be set up personally. Allowing people to
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