The Observation Of The Room With God

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Is it crazy to believe that there is a God out there that wants to partner up and do life with us? It may seem crazy, but it is true. God wants nothing more than to help each of us reach our full potential, but in order for Him to do that we have to let Him in. Sometimes the only way to progress to the next stage in our journey is to admit to ourselves that we cannot do it on our own. This is a crucial step in our walk with God because it is the time when we have to start relying wholly on Him. This is what all the trust building in the observation stage was for. The trust we built there is the foundation for this new partnership with God.
This partnership will develop into a deep, intimate relationship that will carry us through the rest of our lives. God wants an intimate relationship with us, but we have to be willing to partner up with Him. Partnership and intimacy go hand in hand, there is not one without the other. We have to be willing to let God into every aspect of our lives. There are several steps to growing in this intimate partnership and I would like to highlight a few of them for us.
Not Our Own

First off, we have to admit to ourselves that we cannot do it on our own. Our own strength will only be able to carry us so far, but eventually we will falter and fall. This is where God comes in. He fills in the gaps where we are weak and makes us whole in Him. We have to sacrifice ourselves and our pride in order for God to take over and to walk in

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