The Ocean's Influence To The Development Of The Ocean

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Bibliographic Information: Smithsonian. "Whales only recently evolved into giants when changing ice, oceans concentrated prey: Analysis of fossil, modern whale’s points to when and how whales started bulking up." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 24 May 2017. . Introduction: After analyzing the fossils or preserved remains of whales, scientist have determined that whales have only recently evolved to be the large animals that we know today. Though not sure, the scientist state that the evolutionary shift was due to the increase of ice sheets in the North. This increase in ice caused a shift in the concentration of food available in the ocean, increasing the benefits of having a bigger body. This is important to the scientific community because …show more content…

The shift in whale size occurred during the beginning of the Ice Age and the increase in ice sheets may have caused a change in the distribution of food. Before the ice sheets, food would have been evenly distributed; however, as the ice sheets formed, run off would’ve increased the amount of food like krill and plankton in the water, this increase along with the filter-feeding mechanism of the baleen whale would have given the advantage to larger whale, who would have been able to utilize the dense aggregations of prey in the water.
A. This study mainly focuses within Big Idea 1, the process of evolution drives the diversity and unity of life. Within the study, the scientists observed how organism are linked by a common ancestry (1.B) through cladograms and the width of the skull from fossil records. With these fossils, the scientists observed the shift of size in the whale’s bodies and how organisms from a common ancestor change and differentiate in structure over time. This allowed for them to see what traits were gained and lost, causing not only speciation in the organisms but also overall phenotypic changes. Similarly, in this study, the scientists were able to unveil how life continues to evolve with a changing environment. Extinctions and speciation occur all the time due to the environment. Though it’s not proven, the phenotypic shift within

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