An Explanation Of Baleen Whales

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Whales have roamed the Earth’s oceans for about 50 million years, they are the largest mammals on the planet, ranging from sizes of 8 feet to 112 feet. There are 86 different species of whale, however they are divided into two groups, the Odontocetes, or toothed whales and the Mysticetes, or baleen whales. Out of the 86 different types of whale, the largest is the blue whale, belonging to the mysticetes family. The largest Blue Whale ever recorded was 111 feet in length and about 173 metric tons, not only is it the biggest whale in the world, it is the biggest animal ever known to have lived.

Blue whales are baleen whales, meaning they do not have teeth. Instead they have bristles made of keratin, also known as baleen. Baleen is what

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