The Oceans On Earth

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The oceans on earth are some of the most diverse areas around the globe and we are hurting it very badly. Lots of these oceans provide food and jobs for many people. When we pollute the ocean we are diminishing the life in these bodies of water. The oceans can not survive with trash much longer, so we need to do something about it, because we have all the resources and plenti of people to think of ways to help better protect this diverse ecosystem. The earth has many great features living among it. The ocean can be a very mysterious place that we don’t actually know all that much about. There are many problems facing our oceans today, such as: pollution and people throwing trash in our oceans. We can stop all of these problems through STEM. STEM covers Science Technology Engineering and Math, these four groups can fix many problems. When diving on a coral reef you can see many beautiful things, but one of the things you don’t want to see is plastic floating around and fish swimming around it. This was one of the things I saw when I went to the Caribbean. The oceans are very beautiful places that don’t deserve the way we treat it. Fish and other sea creatures will eat just about anything; for example, the Tiger shark is known as the garbage can of the sea. There are many different things that have been found in the bell of tiger sharks, such as: fur coats, knights in armour, ancient medals, polar bears, reindeer, tires, shoes, chicken coops with chickens inside, cannon
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