The Odyssey By Homer

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The Odyssey by Homer tells the story of a Greek warrior named Odysseus, who faces challenges placed upon him by the supernatural, or more specifically, the Greek gods and monsters. His journey begins while sailing home from Troy, where Odysseus had won the Trojan war for the Greeks. Odysseus’ ship is forced to dock on many islands, most of which have hostile environments. Odysseus serves as the model for an epic hero, a fictional character who possesses many traits admirable to his or her society. The character also follows a code of honor and is willing to sacrifice themselves for the weak, such as women or children. Though this idea comes from an ancient story, it is relevant in modern popular culture. For example, Harry Potter, a hero …show more content…

His emotions can also be represented by the violent genocide he commits. In addition, Harry is in a similar situation to Odysseus’. When Harry catches up to Quirrell, who has Voldemort fused to the back of his head, he engages in a quarrel with them. Harry contends blindly, not knowing if the odds are on his side. Luckily, his mother had bestowed protective magic inside him before her demise, allowing Harry to triumph against the dark professor. Both characters are involved skirmishes and even face death against their enemies. Not only do Odysseus and Harry fight villains, but both are also fighting to protect something dear to them. Both Odysseus and Harry are on a journey to protect something dear to them. Odysseus protects his house, honor, and family. For example, before Odysseus’ carnage, he ominously says, “You took my house to plunder, / twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared / bid for my wife while I was still alive” (22.277-9). Odysseus comes back to protect his household, honor, and family. Before the bloodbath, Telemachus, his son, tells Odysseus about what the suitors have in plan. He learns how the suitors plan to kill Telemachus and force Penelope to marry. Odysseus is deeply loyal and protective to his family, murdering all who threaten them. He swiftly starts with Antinous, the head honcho, to strike fear into the hearts of the lead suitor’s lackeys. By doing this,

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