The Odyssey by Homer

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The Odyssey is one of the two epic Greek poems attributed to Homer. The Odyssey is the sequel of The Iliad and mainly focuses on Odysseus’s return from the battle of Troy to his home, Ithaca. Odysseus’s travels take him beyond the realm of the known world and he encounters many mythological beings, which he has never met before. Every encounter with these creatures in The Odyssey is full of adventures, twists and most important of all, life lessons. If we assume Odysseus’s long journey as our life and his desire to go home as our goals, the monsters Odysseus meets on his way home can be considered obstacles that would make us diverged from progressing. In fact these monsters in Odysseus’s voyage symbolize the seven deadly sins, the actual monsters lurking inside us. The Odyssey is implying that, in order to reach our ultimate goals in our life, we definitely have to fight these monsters inside our mind. In The Odyssey, every encounter with monsters explains how deadly sins destroy peaceful lives and why we should avoid these inner monsters. The Lotus-eaters are the first mythical beings Odysseus encounters on the voyage back to Ithaca. They are a symbol of sloth from the seven deadly sins. When Odysseus’s crewmen curiously eat the lotus offered by the Lotus-eaters, they lose all desire to return home. Odysseus states, “Their only wish to linger there with the Lotus-eaters, grazing on lotus, all memory of the journey home dissolved

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