The Book Of Job And The Odyssey

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The Book of Job and The Odyssey are stories in which two men experience extremely trying times and attempt to navigate their ways’ through it. They face obstacles daunting to anyone such as a cyclops that imprisons Odysseus and his men in a cave and tries to eat them. Odysseus does whatever he can to overcome the obstacles in his journey. Job is faced with watching his entire family and livestock die from natural disasters and marauders, seemingly out of nowhere. Job does what he knows best to overcome his journey. Both Odysseus and Job eventually make it through their journeys, and receive happy endings. They do it in very different ways however. This is because they have differing beliefs on destiny. Here in lies the most significant difference between Odysseus and Job. Odysseus believes his destiny is in his hands and in suit does whatever it takes to control his destiny. In contrary, Job believes his destiny is in the hands of God, so he places his faith and goodwill with God. This essay will examine the differing beliefs in destiny between Odysseus and Job as well as their drastically different behaviors that support this claim.
In The Odyssey, the Greek hero Odysseus must make it back to his home in Ithaca after the battle of Troy. Along his journey, he encounters obstacles that require the upmost perseverance and willpower to survive. Some of these obstacles include a giant cyclops who wants to eat him, lotus-eating peoples that drug his crew, violent storms that

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