The Oil Struggle Canada is Facing Essay

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What would your first thoughts be as the ruler of a country that found out that and estimated ¼ of the worlds oil supply was in its own back yard? Would your reaction be how it could financially help your country? Or would you think of how finding this oil could harm the environment, or furthermore the political aspects the oil may have. This is a struggle that Canada may have to face. The three main aspects of the oil struggle are the research, the reward, and the result. One question most people would over look in this situation is where would you start?
First things first how is Canada going to lay claim to the fact that any oil they find is rightfully ours if the Arctic is so vast and no real boundaries are drawn. Also don’t think for …show more content…

One of the biggest problems being faced is that sonar equipment that they use to take readings dose not work in ice. One thing working in the oceanographers favor is that the ice is being pushed further and further north making it easier to access the areas to map, but also the areas where the oil patches are believed to be. The big question being asked is all this research and money worth it for an unknown amount of oil. A very contradictory view would be to think is it worth it to spend all this time, money, research for an estimated amount of oil; when we know more about the surface of the moon than we know of the ocean floor. The estimated amount is believed to be an approximate 90 billions barrels. The naive may bring up the point that the arctic has already said claim to numerous oil rushes, the difference this time is that the oil is out of any countries current jurisdiction. This quote from a National Geographic reporter explains it best “The race for the arctic may be about oil, but it is about the oil they hope is there not the oil they know is there.” Just exactly how much oil is truly believed to be available is up for debate. Some say 13% of the world’s total oil; others say 25% both numbers like 90 billion barrels are being called the most likely. Also with gas at the price it is there is defiantly money to be made, but the biggest question is to whom to write the cheque.

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