The Canadian Government Has Been Faced With A Decision

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The Canadian Government has been faced with a decision that could destroy an already delicate relationship with the Indigenous Canadians. There have been several pipeline expansion proposals to increase the production and extraction of oil throughout Canada and the U.S. The primary factor delaying the Canadian Government from starting these projects is the Indigenous people. With promises by the newly elected federal Liberal government and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it has outlined the importance of the Indigenous peoples’ rights when it comes to natural resource extraction that affects their land.
The best method that could lead to productive policy would be negotiation between the Canadian Government and the Indigenous
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There is controversy surrounding this topic. Donald Trump’s political stance in Little Rock has caused violent protests over the Dakota Access Pipeline, it would be in the best interest for the Canadian Government to avoid a similar outcome. The Canadian Government must choose between the relationship with Indigenous people and their rights or the profit that would lead from the expansion of these pipelines. The three policies that will be outlined in this briefing will be; The Canadian Government could move freely to approve the pipelines, without input or consideration of Indigenous rights. They could negotiate with the Indigenous groups until both parties are satisfied. Lastly, the Canadian Government could decline the proposals of the pipelines because in a cost-benefit analysis the negative impacts of the pipelines, could outweigh financial gain. Option 1 One of the policies the Canadian Government could pursue is to move forward and approve the pipeline expansions regardless of the Indigenous peoples’ perspective. These pipelines would connect the oil sands in Alberta to markets globally which would lead to economic growth. With these pipelines approved, it would mean greater exports. The Canadian economy would profit as it would create jobs and
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