The Old Roman Calendar

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On the old Roman Calendar, New Year 's Day was originally celebrated on March 15, but was switched to January 1 in the year 153 BC after the date was used for choosing the two roman consuls due to military reasons. It was customary during the 7th century for pagans from Flanders and the Netherlands to exchange gifts. This practice was deplored by Saint Eligius. He had not also warned the pagans to not make little figures of old women or little deer nor should they set tables at night or supply more drinks than was needed. The Feast of the Circumcision of Christ is celebrated by many churches, believing that Jesus Christ was born into the world on December 25. Jewish tradition states his circumcision would have occurred on the eighth day after his birth. Today, New Year 's is celebrated with broadcasts from across the globe featuring loud and festive parties filled with thousands of people who are expectant of a new year filled with happiness and trying to forget any bad tidings from the previous year. Here is a list of various New Year 's Day celebrations from different places: 1) Unless on a Friday or Sunday, an extra round of football fixtures is played in Scotland and England. 2) The Tournament of Roses Parade, is held in Pasadena, California and is viewed by millions on television 3) The Vienna New Year Concert, which is held in Australia. 4) The Mummers Parade, which is held on Broad Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 5) The New Years Day Parade in London
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