The Old South In Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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Society is comprised of different age groups, and “A Rose for Emily” by Faulkner William depicts some of the perspectives the young have of the elderly. Every age group has a unique view of the previous group, and groups, with different themes developing. The story of Emily resonates in numerous societies, from being treasured to being feared. The elderly in the community represent both wealth as well as poverty, just as Emily did, though not necessarily in material wealth. The story had a lot to convey, and a standout amongst the most consistent is the battle between Old South, the pre-Civil War era vs the New South, which rose from the Civil War. In this story, Miss Emily served as a piece of the Old South, similar to Colonel Sartoris, her …show more content…

Death too lingered throughout the story from the opening scene, up to the last scene, as Faulkner opened by narrating the beginning of the memorial service of Mrs. Emily. The aura associated with Emily is mysterious, due to a lack of understanding by the community. There is a lot of speculation going on in the scenes and settings, from the source of offensive smells to the sudden disappearance of characters associated with Emily. Emily is depicted as being stuck in time, presenting a character fighting time and consequences associated with aging, despite the world around her crumbling from agents of time. The strangeness surrounding the story comes from the failure to communicate and convey ideas and ideals effectively since by doing so, it would have been easier to understand Emily, as well as accord her help where she may have been in need of medical or psychological assistance in overcoming grief and death. William Faulkner told a story that had numerous ideas regarding society and how it worked in a particular day and age in the South. It's an imperative component in writing because of its examination of the effects of change made in the long time past South. This story serves a decent example for the generations to

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