The Old World : Columbus And The New World

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“”Pre-Columbian” refers to the period before Columbus landed in the New World”, Carol Strickland wrote in the book The Annotated Mona Lisa (20). Five hundred and twenty-five years ago, Christopher Columbus decided to travel by three ships to discover new countries in the western hemisphere. Columbus and a hundred other men sought out to find a new route for trading and also to discover Asia. One of his main goals during this travel was to find civilization somewhere other than where he was, the Old World. On the way of attempting to find these places, Christopher Columbus bumped into what he refers to as the New World. If it wasn’t for finding the New World, the people who were on the ships would have never made it to China alive. There were limited resources on the boat, that would not last throughout the whole trip. When reaching the New World, he discovered there were people living within the society in villages. I believe the New World has given the Old World new opportunities for livestock and animals. This was the start of making the Old World a better place. Christopher Columbus and a hundred men discovered the New World on accident. Even though it was accidental, the crew found the New World and it opened many doors for people living within the Old World. With the New World, the Old World had changed dramatically. It changed because food like tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, tobacco, corn, and horses were all shipped to the Old World. The people Columbus found living
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