The Olympic Event Of Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is like any other major city around the world. Crowded population, busy businesses, and heavy traffic. But on the day I showed up for work in the cold morning, it was different. The streets are empty and blocked off at least one block apart, more law enforcement patrolling the streets, and people are beginning to line up on the side walk. As the sun begun to rise and the temperatures to warm up, hundreds of guests line up at the starting line. This day was no ordinary running event. Not just any marathon taken place, but qualifications to take 6 spots (three men, three women) to represent the United States for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Witnessing a historic event, I wonder why runners do it and what our Olympic runners will face in Rio? Through pain and sweat, the marathon runner will give their all for Olympic gold. One thing that can be observed in an Olympic event is the togetherness and unity of the population. In this Olympic trials, the crowd cheers for the runner for various reasons; family and friends cheer for their support and the fans for both support and American pride. Despite for the hot weather sun starting to beat down on us, many still came in their tee-shirts or tank tops with mostly either American pride such as a waving flag shirt or any t-shirt that has a representation of the Olympics. A few people I did notice were wearing different versions of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics t-shirts. There choice of music is a mixture of
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