The Olympic Games Of The Olympics

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The Summer Olympic Games is the leading international sporting event in which thousands of athletes from around the world participate in a variety of competitions. According to existing historical manuscripts, the first ancient Olympic Games were celebrated in 776 BC in Olympia. They were dedicated to the Greek god Zeus and took place in the same place every four years. This four year period became known as an “Olympiad” (International Olympic Committee, 2012). The first modern games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896 with nine sports contested. The 2016 games will consist of 28 sports. Although the actual event may last for only a few weeks, the preparations commence up to a decade beforehand and may entail considerable investment expenditures that can have longer term economic significance.
In 2016, the Olympics will be held in Rio De Janeiro. When choosing the next country to host the Olympics, Rio had one of the biggest advantages. The Olympic Games had never been held in South America. Additionally, the International Olympic Committee understood what the power of transformation of these games would mean to Rio, Brazil and South America. To the Olympic and Paralympic Movements, this decision represented the opening of a new and promising frontier, and the possibility of inspiring 65 million youths under 18 years of age in Brazil and 180 in the whole continent.
There are many advantages of hosting the Olympic Games. First, is that the games always attract trade and

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